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Metric Culture

Ownership. Curiosity. Honesty. Grit. Teamwork. These core values are what guide on on a daily basis in our mission to make a positive dent in the advertising universe. We’re pushing the envelope on what a digital marketing agency can do, and we're proud to share our insights, stories and learnings about that journey.

Metric Digital Recognized On Three of BuiltInNYC's Best Workplaces Lists Marketing is a people business, and we wanted to sit down with a few of our team members so they could share their insights on the employee experience here at Metric Digital. Your Last Digital Marketing Test Failed, Now What? Testing allows us to respond to various changes in the advertising world quickly. But the risk of testing is, occasionally some tactics don't work out the way we want them to. Here's how we handle that. Why Our Company Has A Chief Fun-Raising Officer My whole approach to company outings and events is using those experiences as a platform to exemplify teamwork. Every event we do is collaboration based. Metric Digital’s Teamwork Algorithm: Attitude, Energy, Support & Space We believe teamwork means using our competitive fire to improve ourselves, while also supporting and elevating our teammates. It means discovering the things that make a big difference for our clients or our own productivity, and sharing that knowledge. How Our Agency Uses Curiosity to Make Our Clients More Revenue Curiosity is what separates us from the average marketers who treat business as a plug and play, set it and forget it activity. Curiosity + Ownership > Uncertainty In performance marketing, uncertainty is lingering around every corner. But once you start approaching work with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts. Here's how our account team does that with ad campaigns. Why Our Agency Grew From 5 to 25 Employees In 2 Years Let's hear from a few team members on the topic of ownership, both as it relates to their day to day work as digital marketers, and also to their career in general. Show me who your clients are, and I'll show you who you are The most common question we get from job candidates is, “What do you like most about working here?” Let's hear from a few Metric team members. Artifacts that signal the collective spirit of the culture How many pictures have you taken of your team this week? Bring clarity to the team’s collective execution Where might there be a match waiting for a spark? Do the work once, benefit many times over Is your organization learning faster and leveraging farther than the competition? There will be blood (and leverage) Now that you have this, what else does this make possible?