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True Grit: How Our Agency Approaches Data Driven Optimizations For Paid Media Campaigns

By Steve Geick, Senior Digital Specialist, Metric Digital

Anybody can advertise on social channels.

But optimizing those ads and garnering a strong return, that’s another story.

It takes tons of grit. Relentlessness. Testing until you’re blue in the face. Even if you fall off the digital marketing horse every few days.

Remember, if your digital marketing campaigns are not monitored and optimized effectively and efficiently, even the most beautifully produced ads in the world won’t drive conversions.

When we manage digital marketing campaigns for our clients, our teams spend time in their accounts optimizing every single day. It’s a lot of work, but our grit, time and effort typically prove out to be worthwhile for our clients. This work ensures appropriate budget pacing and identifies new performance trends, with everything from changes in the competitive landscape, to our target audience’s behavior, or the latest product trends.

Now, because data driven optimizations have become second nature for us, we’re often asked about our approach to this essential digital marketing ta. Not just the basic solutions like installing Pixels on your sites and creating lookalike audiences, but also how to think about data driven optimizations from a strategic perspective.

As you continue to monitor your paid media campaigns, keep these approaches in mind to assure intelligent investments of budget, labor and time:

As you can no doubt tell, data driven optimizations in your paid media campaigns is a complex process that entails a massive amount of trial and error!

But that’s what grit is all about. Driving results through relentless action. Trimming the fat and sticking to what works. Dusting yourself off, continually trying new things and trusting that your effort will eventually be rewarded with good outcomes.

By understanding some of these approaches behind the optimization work our team for our clients, we’re confident that your marketing team will now be able to better conserve time and budget and position your brand for growth.

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