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Steal These Facebook/Instagram Ads To Drive Conversions For Your Ecommerce Brand (Part 2)

By Claire Mahon, Associate Digital Specialist, Metric Digital

Welcome back to our continuing series on Performance Creative!

In our last post, we talked about the digital marketing taxonomy, and also dug into the first six Ad Creative Types on Facebook/Instagram.

Let’s keep the momentum going and dig into the final six categories of Ad Creative Type:

7. Unboxing

8. Humor

9. Discount/Promo

10. Product Use

11. Social Relevance

12. Celebrity/Influencer

Ready to drive conversions for your ecommerce brand? Steal these ads!

Unboxing. Highlights the act of unpacking a box with the product and shows the contents of the box

Humor. Makes fun of the product it is selling in a playful manner, typically through self-deprecating or sarcastic humor

Discount/Promotion. Mentions a current discount or promotion, such as a sale or reduced subscription/membership fee

Product Use/How-To. Outlines specific steps for using the product or showcases a model using the product

Social Relevance. Themed around a specific social cause

Celebrity/Influencer Endorsement. Features a celebrity or influencer to promote the product

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