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Steal These Facebook/Instagram Ads To Drive Conversions For Your Ecommerce Brand (Part 1)

By Myles Pindus, Associate Digital Specialist, Metric Digital

In our previous post, we broke down our company’s proprietary advertising taxonomy, based on best practices in digital marketing.

Through that strategic framework, your brand learned how to create the right ads that meet the right customers at the right time and drive results. 

As a follow up to that taxonomy, our next few posts are going to bridge the “what” and “why” of performance creative with the ever important “how.”

Today, we’ll dig into the first six (of twelve) categories of Ad Creative Type:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Product
  3. Features
  4. Social Proof
  5. Testimonial
  6. Illustration

Please note: Each creative type has six format options: Static Image, Post Production Motion, Stop Motion Video, Filmed Video, Image Carousel, and Video Carousel, of which we’ll share a variety.

Ready to drive conversions for your ecommerce brand? Steal these ads!

Lifestyle. Puts the product in the real world by using relevant imagery

Product . Employs creative shots of the product that make the product the central focus

Features. Highlights certain scientific or tech features of a non-tech product

Social Proof. Incorporates the text of reviews or press mentions

Testimonial. Incorporates text from customer or user reviews or includes images or videos of customers

Illustration. Uses illustrations (sometimes animated) to depict imagery, information, or statistics relevant to the product

Stay tuned for our upcoming post where we evaluate Ad Creative Types 7-12.

Until then, if you have questions about Performance Creative, shoot us an email and we can talk more about growing your brand with paid media.

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