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Metric Marketing Minute, Episode 103: Finding The Right Attribution Model For Your Business

By Matthew Breagy, Senior Search Specialist, Metric Digital

What’s the attribution model that’s best for my business?

That’s a lovely, open-ended question, and the answer depends on a variety of factors. Your marketing mix, product or service offering, structure of your website, and checkout flow, among others, will determine what’s the best attribution model for your company.

In terms of Google Ads, though, it’s a lot simpler. There are a couple wrong answers: Last-Click and First-Click attribution. They provide extremely limited views of how your marketing efforts are working.

If you’re pushing a lot of branding elements and bottom-funnel marketing tactics, you may want to run a position-based model, which will add more weight at the beginning and end of the customer journey.

For brands with a very long consideration period, you may want to run a linear model and open up your attribution window, which will distribute weight more evenly along all of the Google Ads marketing touchpoints a user will hit. This lets you gain more insight into how to build a more holistic funnel.

If your brand is already widely known, but you’re struggling to convert users at the bottom of the funnel, try out a time decay model; it gives more credit to a touchpoint the closer it is to conversion, but also gives you visibility into the steps a user took to get there.

Now, those are all good answers to the attribution in Google Ads question, but the best answer is to use Google’s most recent attribution solution: Data-Driven Attribution. It’s smarter attribution considering many more data points than where a particular interaction took place. It weighs all the facets of user behavior and the marketing ecosystem to give credit dynamically to the touchpoints that drove the most value.

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