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Metric Marketing Minute: Episode 102: Ad Creative In Performance Marketing

By Ryan Markman, COO, Metric Digital

Creative has always been important in any type of advertising, digital or otherwise. However, in the past couple of years, brands could get away with a pretty strong ROI from their campaigns with relatively basic creative assets, stock images, or basic product photos.

That's not the case today.

The major digital channels, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Google, they're getting more and more competitive. They function like an auction, where the more people who enter these channels, the more expensive ads get.

How do you combat that? First, really strong strategy and execution in the channel is critical.

Beyond that, increasingly the quality of your creative matters a ton to the ROI that you're ultimately able to drive.

You want your creative to do two things. 

  1. You want to help actually get somebody closer to making a purchase: Drive them to go to your website, make that purchase or take that desired action.
  2. You want creative that people are going to really engage with. Likes, comments, shares, clicking on the ads, those are the things that platforms categorize as engagement. And if you're able to get your creative to do that, channels will make it much cheaper for you to get in front of more people, because ultimately, if people are engaging with your content, that's a great signal that that's exactly the type of content that they want to see.

Next, how do you actually develop creative like this? Two pieces of advice that I'll give.

First, video. Super important to have content that moves. That could be gifs, that could be light animations, or it could be more traditional video. Facebook has told us that they're going to give preferential treatment to that type of content in the feed.

Second, a few concepts that you want to balance when you're developing this creative. Clarity. Make it super clear what you're selling and why. Brevity. Keep those videos less than fifteen seconds. Competition. Why is what you're selling better than the competition or somebody else's alternatives?

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