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Metric Marketing Minute: ROAS & Growth When Switching Agencies

By Kevin Simonson, CEO/Co-Founder, Metric Digital

This week on our Metric Marketing Minute, CEO/Co-Founder Kevin Simonson answers the following question:

What should your expectations be on ROAS and growth when switching agencies?

This issue comes up every time we're talking to a prospect and they want to know why they should work with Metric Digital and switch from their existing agency.

Brands want to know what kind of improvement they'll see that they haven't seen from their existing agency relationship. Generally speaking, they want to know how much they can scale and keep their CPA , or lower their CPA , aka, cost per acquisition.

When that happens, what we do is we look at the data and the account as part of our process and onboarding, auditing or winning the new client. We assume, okay, generally speaking, they're reaching out to us because they have not seen the growth they need to see, or they've even seen growth decline over a period of time with their existing agency, depending on the scale of the business.

For example: If a brand is spending $15,000 per month and they've stayed there, or they're spending $100,000 a month and they've stayed there, that's going to supply our agency with more data to make an informed decision about ROAS and growth.

Once we know you're not doing "xyz things," we will know that you're going to see "abc amount of improvement." Those variable change certainly, but bottom line, when you switch agencies, you should see improvement within two weeks to a month.

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