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Metric Digital Launches The Ad Creative Bank, A Tool That Uses Data To Show Which Facebook and Instagram Ads Drive Conversions

By Scott Ginsberg, Head of Content, Metric Digital

NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, performance marketing agency, Metric Digital, has launched a new web application that helps direct to consumer brands search a comprehensive database of over 1100 best in class advertising creative examples.

Any direct to consumer brand competing in today's crowded marketplace knows that in order to stand out, their marketing needs to blend performance best practices with strong brand identity. But when it comes to quickly finding salient examples of best practices in digital marketing, most companies don't know where to look.

Kevin Simonson, CEO/Co-Founder and author of the book Badvertising, saw a gap in the digital marketing landscape and ideated this tool to create value for his clients. 

"Facebook's Ad Library, which was unveiled earlier this year, successfully houses different types of creative in one place, but it does not classify these ads formally. This lack of structure makes a huge difference when a brand needs to determine not only what kind of creative is performing best for them, but also to understand why it is the best," said Simonson.

Metric Digital wanted the brands they power marketing for to have a resource to see effective marketing techniques in a wide range of verticals. After several months of aggregation, they began housing thousands of examples of ads, along with performance marketing best practices. Here's how it works.

The Ad Creative Bank is organized by two types of classifications: Creative Type and Format. These categories have been determined based on what Metric Digital maintains are the best practices in digital marketing. The possible combinations between type and format makes this taxonomy particularly applicable across an array of verticals, allowing for the creation of a comprehensive compilation of best practices in digital marketing today.

Metric Digital spearheaded the development of this project over the summer and saw immediate results, both with fellow digital marketers on the team, as well as clients and partners. 

"This new taxonomy and organizational system has already proved to be time saving and effective features for client meetings. Our team uses it for creative briefs and kickoff decks, minimizing the time needed to pull best practices examples and elucidate concepts with clients. It's also a powerful teaching tool for Metric Digital's new team members to learn about how our company thinks about creative," said President/Co-Founder John Pellinghelli.

Metric wanted every client to essentially have a menu from which they could order exactly what kind of creative they want. This tool is the first of its kind in the marketplace, and we're thrilled to use it to help our clients (and potential clients!) envision what it's like working together.

In a world where every company is looking for winning ads to help inspire their team's creativity and launch ads that convert into sales, The Ad Creative Bank promises to be a useful tool to help elevate performance marketing to be at the industry standard level.

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