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Maximize Holiday Revenue on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Google Promotion Extensions

Just in time for the holidays Google has brought Promotion Extensions out of beta and available to all accounts as part of the new Adwords Experience!

These new ad extensions will show in combination with text ads along with other extensions like Sitelinks and Callouts.  One caveat is that like other extensions we can't control when they are shown.  So we should not rely on these to totally replace using promos in text ads, but instead to supplement them.

That said - Promo extensions definitely fill a gap within Paid Search.  When combined with Google Shopping Promos this is a powerful one-two punch that will make communicating promos this holiday season more effective than ever - especially on mobile where real estate is limited.

Here's a quick rundown of the different settings we have available on the back end:


Here are the different settings for promotion type - Monetary, Percent, Up to amount, Up to Percent

Of the few caveats with this it looks like all promos require some amount of discounting.  So Free Shipping, Gift with Purchase, and other less conventional promos will be better communicated through Ad text, Sitelinks, and Callouts.

We're excited to set these up for all of our clients that are running promos this holiday and drive record breaking revenue!

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