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How We Improved Vuori Clothing's Return On Advertising Spend by 406% Using YouTube TrueView

By Matthew Breagy, Senior Search Specialist, Metric Digital

Vuori partnered with Metric Digital to profitably grow their business across the Google Ads platform—most recently scaling new customer acquisition at a high rate with YouTube TrueView.

(As of this fall, this case study is now being used by Google in marketing presentations and on external sites, demonstrating Vuori's outstanding, and innovative, growth!)

High level, here are the results:

Here's how we did it...

Vuori's Story:

High growth DTC brand expands customer base using YouTube
Vuori merges technical clothing with a West Coast vibe that looks, fits, and performs great. They are a high-growth, best-in-class direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, and native to social. 

For Vuori and other similar businesses, Google is often overlooked or minimally tested. Vuori is very visually engaging, reaching a brand new audience that’s not particularly demonstrating intent, so we are using Google to create demand and driving conversion off of it. We do that by taking advantage of Google as a discovery platform, rather than as a broad net to capture demand.

Vuori's Goal:

Drive profitable incremental business growth through new marketing channels
Prior to Metric Digital, Vuori’s highest-spending month on Google topped out at 4 figures. Vuori had seen next to zero scale on Google Ads. Their DTC business had been built primarily on paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Metric Digital presented Google as an opportunity for this breed of DTC brand to drive customer acquisition growth at an efficient cost. The client was skeptical that it would succeed at scale, but was willing to allow Metric Digital to test it out.

Metric Digital’s Solution:

Repurpose high-impact assets, leverage machine learning bidding
Metric Digital recommended and took the lead on testing new channels that other brands might have missed. But YouTube TrueView isn’t mainstream yet. While every DTC brand is leaning into Facebook and Instagram, aggressively testing new features on Google has helped us extend the success we’ve driven on Non-Brand Search & Smart Shopping to the highly scalable & visual YouTube platform, where we’ve driven:

The Team’s Success:
Using video assets to grow

Using retail purchases as our conversion metric, Vuori begun to optimize toward a specific CPA goal, acquiring new customers at a sustainable cost and with a deeper understanding of customer lifetime value.

Joe KudlaCEO & Founder of Vuori Clothing, had this to say:

Metric Digital showed us how to use Google in a way we never have before. They overcame our skepticism and helped make our growth exponential on channels that hadn’t worked previously.

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