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How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

John Pellinghelli, Co-Founder at Metric Digital

Google Adwords tells you straight away the 3 elements that constitute Quality Score but they don't give you much advice on how to fix them. I'll share some of our techniques below.

To refresh, the 3 factors as stated by Google are:

Ad Relevance is the easiest factor to manipulate and optimize for. To do this, ensure that all of the keywords you are targeting in your Ad Group follow the exact same theme. Then write ad copy that is specific to the keywords in your Ad Group and use the keywords in your Ad Group in your ad copy.

Here’s an example of an ad that is optimized to drive a high Adwords Ad Relevance for keywords like “Offroad LED Light Bars”

Another trick is to use Keyword Insert in your ad headline. This will dynamically put the user's search term in your copy, and can drive a high CTR which drives up Quality Score with time. Keyword Insert can also be bad if it’s used in an extremely broad ad group, so ensure that your ad group structure is tight and all keywords in a group follow a specific theme.

Ad Extensions can also help your quality score as they help CTR. Definitely add Sitelinks and Callout Extensions as a minimum and use them to call out distinct product benefits – i.e. Lumens, various styles of light bars, etc.

Long term, CTR is the strongest factor in Quality Score. Do everything you can to make sure CTR is high by A/B testing, using ad extensions, and also keeping a competitive position on the page.

Landing Page Experience can be optimized for QS. Google doesn’t provide clear guidance on what to change.  At a baseline make sure your site flow is not confusing or misleading to visitors and there aren't excessive popups.

If you have distinct sets of products then consider creating collection pages for each of those sets and optimize the content on that page to be relevant to the sets of product. This goes back to thinking of your product & Adwords structure in terms of “themes”.

If you’re really having QS challenges for Landing Page Experience then try driving keywords directly to a product page and see if that helps. Choose your most popular product and ensure that the product page is optimized for conversion and that there is clear content – i.e. keyword optimized in the same way your ad copy would be.

Expected CTR is more a function of competitiveness of the auction i.e. how broad your keywords are, how strong competitor ad copy/bids/ad rank is, and how likely you are to compete. There is little you can do here other than ensure that you’re bidding high enough to be eligible and that your Ad Copy & LP are well optimized.

I also think this has less of an effect on QS than the other 2 factors. If it bothers you though then consider targeting more long-tail keywords (that are less competitive) and stay away from broad, general, head terms.

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