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It's Never Too Early: How Ecommerce Brands Can Start Holiday Planning Now Twenty to thirty percent of ecommerce revenue comes from the holidays. Don’t be one of those companies that waits until November to plan and end up grasping in the dark. How We Improved Vuori Clothing's Return On Advertising Spend by 406% Using YouTube TrueView Vuori partnered with Metric Digital to profitably grow their business across the Google Ads platform—most recently scaling new customer acquisition at a high rate with YouTube TrueView. Are Subscription Products The Right Move For Your Ecommerce Store? We've had the privilege to build out performance marketing for several subscription companies, and today we’d like to share insights and tactics we’ve picked up along the way so you can decide if subscription is the right move for your ecommerce store. Metric Marketing Minute, Episode 103: Finding The Right Attribution Model For Your Business Attribution modeling depends on marketing mix, product or service offering, structure of your website and checkout flow. Here's how to determine what the best choice is for your company. What Clients Ask Us: How should new brands think about their digital marketing budget? Brands preparing to launch must reframe their initial spend as more than just a pure marketing budget, but an invaluable investment in research and development. Let's look at the numbers. An Update From Shopify’s Unite 2019 (+ Tips Your Brand Can Leverage Right Now) Shopify revealed many updates at their annual conference, and we wanted to share our take on these updates and how they can help drive growth for your ecommerce company, in 2019 and beyond. How to Structure Your Paid Ad Campaigns and Accounts to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value The most successful companies in ecommerce understand their customer lifetime value. Here are tips and ad examples to help you with structure, targeting and creative for prospecting, remarketing and retention. How to Increase Your In-Store Sales from Online Advertising (And Track It Too!) With physical store locations becoming more attractive to up-and-coming retailers, your brand needs to be equipped with several ways to connect its online marketing efforts to measurable offline results. Here's exactly how to do it. Why Performance Creative Is The Future For Your Company’s Growth, Part 3 Ad creative matters more than ever before. To get in front of more customers for a reasonable price, your creative has to work extra hard to stand out. Metric Marketing Minute: Episode 102: Ad Creative In Performance Marketing Brands used to be able to get away with mediocre ad creative. Not anymore. Learn how to set your products apart with these tips. Why Performance Creative Is The Future For Your Company’s Growth, Part 2 Now that we’ve covered the definition, impact and value of performance creative, let’s continue our series by talking about quantity, quality, diversity, testing and machine learning. Why Performance Creative Is The Future For Your Company’s Growth, Part 1 If your brand is not optimizing ads toward a primary action based goal, then you might not be spending your time, budget and energy in the most effective way. Here are the basics on performance creative.