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How Direct to Consumer Brands Should Think About Their Marketing Mix Here’s the way we think about marketing mix. It’s not a template, but more of a strategic approach that you can tailor for your own company. What Clients Ask Us: How do you benchmark success for new brands? We find that the best research we have for any new brand is the accumulated experience, data and insights from brands we already work with. Here's how that plays out. Facebook Fireside Chat: AI In Action -- What We Presented, What We Learned, And What’s Next Kevin Simonson, recently spoke at a Facebook Fireside Chat to break down how machine learning driven systems maximize efficiency and outcomes. Here's how your brand can take advantage of the benefits and scale up! Metric Digital Selected By Facebook As Premium Marketing Partner We're thrilled to announce we've been selected by Facebook as a Premium Marketing Partner. Here's what that means for us, and more importantly, for our clients' businesses. Ramp Up: A Guide for Brand New Brands Investing in Digital Marketing The first several months of building digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google are the most difficult. If your new company is gearing up for launch, I’ve outlined methods for you to gain learnings quickly and achieve your goals. The Curiosity Chronicles, Issue 01: What's Working In Performance Marketing Right Now We wanted to give you a chance to be a fly on the wall of our best practices meeting. We’re excited to share the latest and greatest in the areas of social, search (and beyond!) to help your company grow. How Marketing Agencies Can Overcome Two Unavoidable Business Challenges Today we wanted to take a step back and address two key challenges that many agencies like ours our facing, and what we’re specifically to doing to overcome them. Performance Marketing For Fintech Startups, Part 2: Paid Social Strategies & Tactics For Scaling Facebook is where businesses are seeing much of their conversion success and is where they’re spending the bulk of their marketing dollars. Below we’ll review some best practices from our recent VentureOut speech on driving results across our portfolio of clients. DTC Brands, Genghis Kahn, and the Mongol Army Direct to consumer brands didn’t invent anything and the Mongols didn’t invent anything, they just took what existed and made it better and/or were better at using it. Here's what you can learn from that. Performance Marketing For Fintech, Part 1: Capitalizing On The Evolving Digital Landscape Read insights from our recent customer acquisition workshop with VentureOut and Tribeca Early Stage Partners and help your fintech company grow! Metric Digital Launches The Ad Creative Bank, A Tool That Uses Data To Show Which Facebook and Instagram Ads Drive Conversions Today we launched a new web application that helps direct to consumer brands search a comprehensive database of over 1100 best in class advertising creative examples. How Caraa Sport Is Winning The Manufacturing Game (+ Ad Creative Examples For Inspiration!) Whether you’re thinking of launching a retail product, building a new brand, or growing an already established ecommerce company, here's how you can use the power of manufacturing to create products that customers can't live without.