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Which Customers do Metric Digital Like Best? Looking back on their experience working with customers, Metric Digital co-founders talk about their favorite experiences with clients. Best and Worst Ad Agency Sales Techniques John of digital advertising company Metric Collective reveal their favourite and least preferred ad agency sales technique. Digital Marketing Technology You Don’t Know About Kevin and John reveals the tools for digital marketing that are lesser known. Watch them talk about what their favorite technology is, and how it can benefit you and your campaign. How The 2016 Election Affect’s Metric Digital’s Strategies Being the year of the election, many changes have been set in motion and things are no different within the digital marketing sphere. Metric Digital: Worst Ad Campaign Experience Kevin and John recall their experience with one of the worst ad campaigns they have ever seen. What You Need to Have in Place Before Running Online Advertising Kevin and John talk about what brands need to have in order before running online advertising. How much to spend on marketing and advertising Kevin and John of Metric Digital discuss the common question of how much should be spent on marketing and advertising, and the factors that might affect the decision. Digital Marketing For Services and Products This week, John and Kevin of Metric Digital sit down to discuss the different ways in which they would approach the digital marketing of services as opposed to products. A Culture of Optimization The world of marketing services is crowded. Everyone has their own secret sauce that they want to sell you. There isn’t a week that goes by without receiving a litany of emails promising to “fix your SEO,” “solve your marketing”, or our personal favorite “double your sales.”