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Exclusive Content from The Fastest Growing Facebook Agency: 2018 Ad Creative Playbook Do you want the ins and outs of Facebook creative from the people who actually run it? Generate higher engagement. Test and respond to changes quickly. Optimize for growth. Scale your creative strategy nationwide. And win. Breaking: NYC Ecommerce Brands Being Sued For Not Being ADA Compliant How might this trend affect your ecommerce business? And what can your company do to better comply with these laws? Here are tips to make sure you're not sued too. How Ecommerce Brands Can Deal With The Headache Of Third Party Resellers Whatever kind of ecommerce business you run, you will probably have to deal with third party resellers at some point. Use these strategy and tactics to make sure that your headache doesn’t turn into a heartbreak. An Update from Shopify's Unite 2018 Even if you don't use Shopify, the Shopify ecosystem has become big enough that it impacts anyone who sells online. Here are a few major updates that will matter to merchants in 2018. Your Sales Have Dropped, Now What? Growing Revenue During Evergreen Periods Just because it’s past the holiday season, the summer rush, or the back to school push, doesn’t mean you can’t ramp up your digital marketing efforts and grow revenue. Here's how you can grow conversions during slow times. Getting Ready For Paid, Or, Why You Shouldn’t Hire Our Agency Yet Here are several stepping stones to get your digital house in order. Put your business into the best possible shape for launching your digital marketing efforts with these resources and strategies. Is Your Ecommerce Store Ready For Paid Ads? Digital marketing can be a significant investment. And if your business is not ready for it yet, you risk wasting heaps of time, energy, money, and most importantly, customer attention. Find out where you stand! Facebook Ads We Love + 7 Optimization Rules to Steal For Your Ecommerce Brand We share a series of Facebook Ads that impressed, inspired and intrigued us (and in some cases, made us click). We also offer 7 suggestions for your next set of ads. The ROI of Structure, Part 2: Optimizing Paid Shopping For Your Ecommerce Store As an ecommerce store owner, take the extra time to optimize your paid Shopping from the moment you launch. You’ll sell more, waste less and set yourself up to leverage customer data across all of your marketing channels. Marketing Inception: Frame The Narrative of Your Paid Campaigns to Waste Less and Convert More Are you paid ads telling the right story? Is your brand missing out on new customers because of an inaccurately framed message? Metric Masterminds, Episode 106: Kevin Simonson & Cory Smith Deep Dive On Automation, Transparency and Chickens Here’s our formula for performance marketing: The science of data transparency plus the art of marketplace intuition, raised to the power of relentlessness Why Programmatic Ad Buying Might Not Be the Right Strategy For Your Ecommerce Brand There is a place for programmatic in digital advertising. Especially if your company is looking for additional scale. It’s a key part of the market. However, brands need to know what they’re getting into.