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The Initial Impact of COVID-19 on E-commerce In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting impacts on businesses and the economy at large, we wanted to share greater performance trends we're seeing across our agency clients. This largely focuses on retail trends from early March when the impact in the U.S. took significance. Please continue to check back here for updates as we’ll be refining this over time with new findings as they develop. How to Retain As Much On-Site Traffic As Possible (And Maximize Your Paid Media Efforts) For DTC brands of any size, healthy volume in your email list is going to be a key asset. Here's how make the most of your paid and organic advertising efforts by retaining as much on-site traffic as possible. How to Test Your Paid Media For Optimal Results, Part 3 Testing is the best way to continually improve your brand’s paid media performance. With the right mindset and framework, you can iterate and optimize your marketing channels to become brand growth powerhouses. Trending On Linkedin: The Cost of Facebook Advertising In our team's daily readings and research, our curiosities lead us to many interesting and useful places. In this new series, we'll be sharing some of our favorite social posts to bring you the latest and greatest. DTC Hot Takes: Television Ads, Online Retail, YouTube Strategy & Inhousing Our team members are often asked to comment on digital marketing news, trends and product launches in major media outlets like Digiday, AdWeek, WordStream and more, so we wanted to recap several highlights to help you make this year your best ever. Breaking: Justice Department Comes Out Swinging Against Google With Antitrust Case (+How DTC Brands Should Think About It) According to The Wall Street Journal, The Justice Department is getting more aggressive in its longtime antitrust probe of Google. Here's our take on the issue and how it affects your brand. Approaching Customer Acquisition Beyond Facebook Ad Buying: Which New Ad Platforms To Try & Why If your retail company has been itching to diversify beyond Facebook and Instagram, here’s what you and your marketing team should be thinking about: How to Test Your Paid Media For Optimal Results, Part 2 In digital marketing, guesses are what you think, but tests are what you know. Here's how you can learn, iterate and optimize your paid campaigns into tremendous revenue drivers for your business. How We Used Influencer Content To Help Mizzen+Main Garner a 3X ROAS Within Prospecting Efforts Learn how we helped Mizzen & Main see a 2.3X increase in purchases by adopting an influencer strategy and by targeting ads to Facebook lookalike audiences. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Facebook Advertising Results: What Ecommerce Brands Learned In 2019 As we look back at Q4 performance across our clients, we also want to take a moment to share performance highlights from the season, along with recommendations on how your brand can optimize in the future. How to Test Your Paid Media For Optimal Results, Part 1 In this new series, we’re going to be answering key questions about the testing mindset, frameworks for structuring tests and other curiosity driven digital marketing topics. How Arri Bagah Helps Brands Make Six Figures Figures A Month With SMS Marketing In this DTC spotlight piece, we sat down with the founder of Conversmart to talk about mobile trends, customer acquisition, omni channel integration, teeth whitening, mattresses, and much more!