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Maximize Holiday Revenue on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Google Promotion Extensions Just in time for the holidays Google has brought Promotion Extensions out of beta and available to all accounts as part of the new Adwords Experience! When combined with Google Shopping Promos this is a powerful one-two punch that will make communicating promos this holiday season more effective than ever. Apple's Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Changes to Adwords Conversion Tracking Apple recently announced changes to the way Safari browser on Desktop & Mobile will handle 3rd party cookies.  The change most directly targets DSPs, programmatic display networks & data aggregators - not Google Adwords conversion tracking.  However, Google Adwords conversion tracking is affected.  How to Use 6 Behavioral Science Theories to Drive More Revenue We overvalue a good that we own.  In other words, we want to feel like we're getting a deal on something when we're buying it, and we want to feel like we're making a profit on it when we sell it, independent of the actual market value of the good. Adwords Announces Big Budget Changes Adwords Budget Changes How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score Our Tips and Tricks to Improve Adwords Quality Score Common Red Flags When Choosing An Agency By outlining a few red flags, we hope to help you avoid an agency horror story. Don't Build Your eCommerce Business on Flimsy Copy Your website is the most important advertisement that will ever be written for your business. Emojis: Do's and Don'ts When advertising for your brand, it's difficult to know where and when to use emoji's. Here's how to find a good balance between improving your performance while not compromising your brand's reputation. 3 Facebook Tips For When You’re Just Starting Out Figuring out Paid Facebook from scratch can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a huge following on Facebook and Instagram already. Fortunately, the Facebook Business help center offers a ton of useful information, whether you’re a beginner or advanced Facebook advertiser. How Does Your Shopify Store Compare? We investigated and spoke with over hundred of the top Shopify stores and this is what we found. Spoiler Alert: A lot of them are broken 5 Ways to Save Money on Adwords Having audited hundreds of Adwords accounts, I have a 10 minute process to figure out whether an account is healthy or not. To do this I apply very black or white rule to each element that I analyze: Is this generating profit or is it wasting money? We Went to Shopify's Biggest Conference and Here's What We Learned Last week, we made the trip to SF for Shopify's only major annual conference: Shopify Unite. Sorry folks - no Shopify customers allowed, partners and developers only.